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Flow Platform Rules

Welcome to Flow, your premier destination for music and creativity. Our mission is to provide a platform where artists and listeners come together to share their passion for music while fostering a respectful and enriching community. To ensure an exceptional experience for everyone, we have established a set of platform rules that we kindly ask all users to abide by. These rules provide clarity on the type of content allowed on Flow and maintain an atmosphere that respects diverse perspectives.

At Flow, we stand against content that promotes hatred, political agendas, religious bias, discrimination, and incitement of violence. We do not allow the upload or promotion of content that has relations to:


  • Hate Speech

  • Political Manipulation

  • Religious Bias

  • Discrimination

  • Incitement of Violence

These guidelines underscore our commitment to cultivating a platform where users can explore music without encountering divisive subjects.

We understand that artistic expression varies, but we prioritize the comfort and respect of all our users.


To that end, we have established the following guidelines for explicit content:

Explicit Logo: Every album cover containing explicit content, including profanity, will display a clear "explicit" logo. This allows listeners to make informed choices about the content they engage with. 

Profanity and Vulgar Language: We do not allow any content that includes profanity, vulgar language, explicit sexual references, depictions of violence, or drug use. These guidelines ensure that Flow remains accessible to a diverse audience.

Lyric Censorship: Any explicit lyrics will be censored using * symbols. This preserves the artistic message while maintaining a respectful listening experience.

Audio Censorship: Explicit audio content will be muted, ensuring that explicit language or themes are not audible to our users.

Album Artwork Censorship: Album artwork containing graphic imagery or mature themes will be blurred to provide a comfortable visual experience for all users.

If you come across content that violates our platform rules, we encourage you to report it to Your assistance helps us maintain a positive and respectful environment on Flow.
We appreciate your commitment to making Flow a welcoming and inclusive space for music enthusiasts and creators. By following these platform rules, you contribute to the vibrant and diverse community that makes Flow unique.

Thank you for choosing Flow for your musical journey.

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